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TIM-Assessment Online intercultural competency consultation. Includes comprehensive one on one debriefing and personalized development plan with a certified cross-cultural coach. *Price Includes HST* $199.99


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1TIMCourseF2021 This course seeks to develop intercultural competencies for Christian leaders engaged in ministry in a intercultural multicultural context. September 14 & 28; October 12 & 26; & November Dates: 14, 28 Sept. 12, 26 Oct. 9, 23 Nov 9 & 23. $200.00
Mosaic-Course-2 The Gospel embraced by new believers must be brought to its fruition by becoming disciples of Christ. The true disciples of Christ learn to develop their talents and gifts for the Great Commission, while they learn to live a Kingdom lifestyle by four steps: Go-Gospel-Grow-and Gather. In this course, students will be trained not only to become disciples at their best but also to become excellent disciple-makers. They will learn to live the Kingdom life before they can teach others to do so as well. Classes will be held on the Tyndale campus on Thursdays at 7 PM starting January 27 and conclude May 12, 2022. $300.00
Mosaic-Course-1 Numerous ways have been developed to ease the trouble of understanding twenty-seven books of the New Testament. While many of them are helpful one study shows exceptionally effectiveness to students who desire to use the Bible for their missions and ministries, namely studying them according to the authors. Each of eight New Testament authors shows distinct convictions and confidence in their writings, and students will too grow their faith through them. Courses will be held each Tuesday online starting January 25 and conclude on May 10, 2022. $300.00

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TIM-Book1 This book is a collection of essays written to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tyndale Intercultural Ministry (TIM) Centre (1998-2018). Upon purchase, a follow up email will be sent regarding delivery method $20.00